Telephone cables

Telephone cables

Telephone cables

The range of telephone cables sold by Bertoli Cavi meets all the requirements related to the transmission of signals and to the connection of telephone devices inside the home or outside buildings. Telephone cables for the transmission of digital or analogue signals, ideal for different types of applications, conforming to the standards for communications currently in use in the field. Data transmission cables for the security sector, for anti-burglar and fire-protection systems.

We are able to offer you specific solutions in relation to telephone cables for underground laying with copper wires, with group strands or gel-filled. Telephone cables for indoor laying, telephone cables for outdoor laying, telephone cables for underground laying, components for telecommunication and data transmission are ready for delivery, all in stock in Turin storage.

Below are some examples of telephone cables you can get from us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Our range of telephone cables includes:

Shielded telephone cables
Armed telephone cables
Gel-filled telephone cables
Telephone cable assemblies

Guarda i nostri codici prodotto:

CT 753 – electrostatic shield (H) or electromagnetic (HH2)
CT 779 – simple or electromagnetic shield
TI 813 – self-supporting
CT 823
TI 1033 – cables to fourth from 0.9 mm

TI 1220 – TE / R (subscriber)
CT 1221 – DROP (BRONZE) – also strengthened
TI 1240 armed buffered cable or
CT 1285 – TE-GHE for aerial installation
TI 1320 – Simple screen or electromagnetic
TI 1338 – Simple screen or electromagnetic

CT 1341 – trecciole permutation
TI 1394
CT 1430 – FG10OH2M1 450/750 V
TI 1468 – electrostatic shield (H) or electromagnetic (HH2)
CT 1468 TR-M1 and TR-HM1 shielded
TI 1472 UTP CAT. 5E and 6

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Tell us what you need and we'll help you choose the right cable for what you’re working on.

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