Medium voltage power cables

Medium voltage power cables

Medium voltage power cables

Medium voltage power cables, from 10kV to 33kV, are designed and intended primarily for application in the commercial, industrial, petrochemical, power generation, food processing and transportation sectors. Medium voltage cables are also used in public services and are designed to guarantee the best reliability and electrical stability, even in presence of moisture, and flexibility.

Our company is recognized as a national leader in the trade and co-design of industrial medium voltage cables. With his vast technical experience and industry knowledge, Bertoli Cavi is committed constantly in the search of international suppliers offering the best characteristics of the materials used. Our main goal is to find and offer at competitive prices, the most complete line of industrial electrical cables to meet the entire range of different market needs.

Below is a brief selection of medium voltage cables with copper or aluminium wires.

Our range of medium voltage cables includes:

Single core cables
Three-pole cables
Bundled cables
Copper cables
Aluminium cables

Armoured cables
Fixed laying and aerial laying cables
Underground laying cables
Mobile laying cables
Pre cable reels

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