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Bespoke custom cables

We develop with you special high-tech custom cables

The continuous evolution of the industry and the increasing use of technology require innovative solutions and always more advanced components, able to respond to particular needs and specifications.

This is why over the years we took up the challenges of national and international companies and organisations, being commissioned the development and implementation of custom cables and highly customized solutions.

What do we mean by custom cables?

Behind the customisation of a cable or of a set of cables for special applications lies a wealth of study and research that finds its realisation with the solution and the final implementation.
Creating a custom cable with special mechanical and electrical features means creating a unique solution, designed to be functional in its use in specific situations, such as:

  • high or low temperature;
  • extreme environmental conditions;
  • high resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • operational safety and reliability.

Custom cables: rely on our experience

In these years we faced unique challenges that have enabled us to respond with high professionalism to the specific needs of particularly complex projects, which we have collected in this section, in some of our stories.

  • Assistance and advice to a national company which for over 40 years employs its passion and technology for the design and construction of cableway installations. Specifically, we took care to the research and provide the best solution for the realization of special electrical cables for a power chair lift, ensuring its operation, control and safety in extreme environmental conditions.
  • On another occasion we have assisted a prestigious company from Piedmont, which has been manufacturing for over 50 years prefabricated electro-conductors for the distribution and the transport of electricity. The company asked us for a consultation aimed at the realisation of an electrical cable uniformly insulated, with a unique shape and offering a high performance, to be included in a physical space making the installation difficult.
  • The cooperation with a company with a working experience on four continents and in international contexts, operating in the field of automated systems in the hydroelectric sector, in ski-lifts and snow-making installations, as well as in the execution of industrial automated lines, took us to Chile. The project involved solving some physical resistance problems affecting the cables during the installation in the presence of a rocky terrain. In addition, we have redefined and agreed a new marking and colour coding of the cables, which improved the overall system maintenance. The activities have been of fundamental impact, and were completed in a hydroelectric power station under construction at high altitudes.

Custom cables: rely on our experience

cavi speciali per eletrocondotti

Special shapes

Scope of application: electro-conductors for lighting

Cavi speciali per impianti di risalita

Extreme temperatures

When installing a chair lift
at high altitude

Cavi speciali diga in Cile

Resistance and detectability

In the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Chile

In over 30 years of activity and experience, we have supported complex and very specific installations. You can rely on our expertise. Bertoli Cavi’s technical office is a staff of engineers and technicians who will assist you with a study aimed at the careful evaluation of all materials, depending on your specific application, in a short time and with tangible results. Contact us to tell us about your needs, we will find the ideal solution for your application.

Tell us what you need and we'll help you choose the right cable for what you’re working on.

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